Open Glasgow dashboardWhythawk supports city managers to deliver data transparency which promotes citizen engagement, investment and economic opportunities, and improves government services.

Smart cities – the leveraging of insight derived from telemetry to improve civic infrastructure, investment assessment, and community interaction – offers the opportunity for residents of cities and communities to gain greater insight into how their cities are managed, for enterprises to develop new products, and for city managers to integrate knowledge from a multiplicity of different components.

Whythawk assists in the integration of open data norms into the knowledge management ecosystem developed as part of a Smart City. This can include any of:

  • Data-release and change management, and consulting to integrate data-driven analysis into day-to-day operations;
  • Development of standard or custom open data software platforms;
  • Training in techniques for presentation of engaging dashboards and informative story-boards derived from open data;

Whythawk’s considerable experience in economic development ensures that our open data engagements are always focused on delivering value to the broad range of local government stakeholders.