Whythawk delivers integrated open data consulting, software and infrastructure development, and capacity-building for open knowledge data services for governments, institutions and organisations.

Our service offering includes:

  • Consulting on open data systems and supporting organisations with developing and implementing an open data strategy, as well as facilitating engagement with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Software development and deployment for open data platforms, from stand-alone systems running on client’s own servers, to hosted platforms, to shared infrastructure on a range of existing services;
  • Training for organisations on both the administrative and technical aspects of working with, releasing and managing open data, as well as developing open data infrastructure and custom applications;
  • Supporting the ability of local partners to deliver and deploy similar services;

Whythawk consultants and developers have delivered many of the world’s leading open data portals, from Data.gov in the US, to Mexico’s Datos.gob.mx, as well as working with intergovernmental organisations, like the World Bank, in Nigeria. Our research services have offered insight into research data management for the Public Health Research Data Forum, and ontology management for GE Healthcare.

We are the open data professionals and we would love to work with you.