Pakistan Data PortalWhythawk offers a range of custom on-site and virtual training solutions to our clients. From one-day workshops, to long-term integrated training for open data managers and data scientists, we will develop an appropriate curriculum for you.

Topics which may be of interest include:

  • Open data fundamentals
  • Open data technology for users
  • Open data management
  • Strategy & change management
  • Open data technology for developers/ contributors
  • Data analysis & visualisation

Our objective is to ensure that our clients understand the greater context in which open data is released and managed, as well as having the practical skills necessary for development, research, and administration of their knowledge management systems.

Openly-licenced self-study guides are available here:

  • Data as a Science: data science for research, applying the scientific method and peer review to public health,
  • Introduction to Python: learn one of the world's most popular data analytical programming languages,
  • Data wrangling and validation: gain confidence in delivering technically open data: well-structured, machine-readable data, validated to a defined and standard metadata schema.