Goldman Sachs corporate holdings - OpenCorporatesWhythawk supports companies wishing to engage with the techniques and opportunities in knowledge and open data management.

The systems which open data advocates and analysts use to manage and analyse open data are valuable for corporations grappling with vast numbers of files storing tabular data. “Open data” itself is now part of the social contract, with governments actively sharing their purchasing and contractual information, company tax payments, environmental data, health and education outcomes, and crime data.

Companies have the opportunity to use this information and integrate their own data to produce valuable commercial insight. Companies also need to learn the implications of the open data movement and the new challenges which tech-savvy social activists pose to corporate risk and surveillance measures.

Whythawk assists corporations through the following services:

  • Keynote presentations and workshops with internal stakeholders detailing the opportunities and risks from open data, as well as systems and techniques which can serve to improve internal data discovery and analysis;
  • Developing and deploying data storage and discovery software which enhance existing enterprise knowledge management systems;
  • Consulting and training IT departments, and analytics teams, to advise on open data systems and techniques for data use;

Companies which embrace open data have the opportunity of building unique insight and – more importantly – of leveraging their own data to advantage.